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Comic(S) Awards

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A Comic-Related Icon Challenge and Awards Community

Worst Profile Page Ever.


Hi, welcome! I'm your mod, likeatruck/Maddie, and this is comics_awards, a competitive comic-related icon challenge community, which I hope will flourish and generate lots of pretty icons for lots of crappyawesome themes. :Db

Ideally, each week/fortnight (depending on how many submissions we've been receiving in previous weeks), a new theme will be selected (eg. specific heroes, 'ships, grayscale images, etc.) and members will be encouraged to submit icons pertaining to said theme - as long as you can justify an entry's relevance to the challenge, I'll be happy; no connection-nazis, here. :) Usually, participants will be asked to submit up to two icons or so; however, whilst I'm still trying to establish the community, there will be no limit to the number of icons you can submit per challenge. :)

1. Do NOT talk about comics_awards.
--Actually, please do. Pimp to your heart's content; the more participants, the better!

The Obvious:
1. You must be the creator of every icon you submit.
2. No advertising your entries prior to voting! Let's keep all biases to a minimum.
3. Don't vote for yourself. It's tacky and your vote won't be counted.
4. No wank. Just-- don't.

The Less Obvious:

5. All entries must relate to Western Comic Books. This means no manga or anime, guys; exceptions will be made, however, for foreign adaptations of western comics (eg. Witchblade the anime/manga series, Batman: Gotham Knight, any of the X-Men manga series, etc.) and vice-versa (eg. ... Though I'm sure there are plenty, none are coming to mind. :|.)

6. As implied above with the inclusion of Batman: Gotham Knight, icons containing animated stills/animations will be accepted (eg. Justice League: Unlimited), as will movie adaptations; however, these are likely to come up as themes, so more specific rules will be included on each individual entry post.

7. Please try and keep all your submissions LJ-friendly? Nothing over 100x100 pixels or 40Kb will be accepted.

8. It'd be great if all of your entries were made especially for each challenge. This would be hard to police, obviously, but let's try and go with honesty as the best policy. After all, what would Superman do?

9. Each iconist will only be allowed to place once, each challenge, and if they are to receive enough votes to place a second time, the entrant with the next highest score will place, instead. Iconists whom win overall will still be able to win in any special categories, however.


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